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Are you looking for the best student consultancy firm in Banani? If so, then Career Paths is here to help you out. Offering the best support and guidance to students from Banani and its nearest locations, Career paths is the best consultancy firm. There are a wide variety of renowned educational institutions (schools, colleges, and private universities) out there in Banani.

Every year there are a large number of students from Banani get student visas through Career Paths. If you are concerned about your career, you can consult with our experts to get the most effective counseling. Our experienced counselors will help you to choose the most suitable country, university as well as course.

Why Choose Career Paths?

Since 2007, Career Paths have been helping Bangladeshi students to study abroad. With our experienced, dynamic, and dedicated team, we guide and support our students in an efficient and professional manner.

With decades of excellence, we are unique and outstanding in supporting students to study abroad. We’ve successfully gained value and trust among the aspiring student community in Bangladesh. The utmost capability and credibility make us the best education consultant in Dhaka. In fact, we are one of the best education consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

Why we are the best? Well, we evaluate our students’ profiles effectively. Evaluating the quality of a profile perfectly, we guide our students to choose the most suitable country, program, and university so they can get the visa without any hassle.

In fact, our vision is to help our Bangladeshi students to get an education in more internationalized environments. Because a foreign degree will open the door to opportunities for them. If you have a desire to study abroad, visit us. We will be happy to contribute to fulfilling your dream.

Week in English? Don’t Worry!

It’s obviously mandatory to meet English language requirements to study in the UK, USA, Sweden, Malaysia, and so on. But that doesn’t mean a student who is weak in English or doesn’t have IELTS can’t study abroad.

If you have a desire to study abroad but need to improve your English, it’s not a big deal at all. Career Paths will help you to improve your English so you can get admission and a visa as well. We have a dedicated team who will prepare you to meet the English language requirements for getting admission to Universities in the UK, USA, Malaysia, and many more. There are many students who improved their English with us and got visas to study abroad.

Do you have years of Study Gap? Don’t worry!

There are many Bangladeshi students who are afraid of their study gap when it comes to studying abroad. But the fact is that the study gap is not an obstacle for study abroad if you are a truly determined student.

With determination and qualifications, you can study abroad at any age. No matter how many years of study gap you have. Just meet our experienced counselor and explain your situation to get proper guidance as well as support.

Our Services

Career Paths offers the most exclusive “Pre and Post Departure Services”, which include the following:

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    Our Previous Success stories

    Let’s explore our previous success stories, which will inspire you for sure.


    What is the top student consultancy firm in Banani?
    Career Paths is surely the most reliable student consultancy firm for students from Banani and its nearest locations.

    What does a student consultancy do?
    Career Paths care, supports, and guides u students throughout the process of studying abroad since we are the most reliable and student-friendly consultancy firm.

    How can you find Career Paths?
    If you have searched the term, “Study abroad near me in Banani”, you will find us. You can also directly find us here.

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