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Dear Students and Parents,

I feel privileged and proud to note the message as the CEO of an education consultancy firm that achieved trust from both prospective students and World-leading Universities. With the commitment of career counseling and visa assistance to the students aspiring to a foreign degree, I established the firm named Career Paths in 2007. Since then, I have devoted my time and efficiency to brand the company not as the most popular consultancy firm but as the most reliable and transparent service provider among Bangladeshi students.

Thousands of Bangladeshi students migrate each year through the numbers are continuously multiplying. Consequently, the immigration industry has been a mouth-watering and fastest-growing business in Bangladesh where students’ consultancy firms play the most vital role. Truly speaking, you as an innocent student can be the most vulnerable targets. Because of your ignorance about overseas education, consultancy firms might take the opportunity to manipulate you with wrong information and even persuade you to engage in malpractices in order to maximize their profits. Don’t let you down! Don’t let someone make you fool!

My suggestion as the CEO of Career Paths is “please do research, even if it’s minimal, whether online or offline about what you want and about consultancy firm/s promises you to help you outreach your desired destination including expected program.” You should look at the company’s reputation in the current market and its previous success rates as well. Be confident, such initiatives will surely help you reach a skilled and helping-handed consultancy firm.

Let me share with you a very common phenomenon I have been experiencing during the last 10 years with Career Paths. Students are frequently influenced by peer groups, friends, and family members while selecting the country and program for their future careers. Many times, such selections become suicidal decisions since what is good for someone can be the worst for you. I, therefore, always emphasize career counseling on the basis of individuals’ potential and interests.

To be honest, I do not consider myself only as the CEO of Career Paths but as the proud contributor to the potential growth of the immigration industry as well. As a result, my position is strict in maintaining industry ethics and ensuring bonfire practice within my company. If you look for a consultancy firm to make your dreams come true, search for a company if you are smart, I think you are – where such ethics and practices are kept up. Last but not least, I am not persuading you to have our service but welcoming you and your parents to meet our expert counselors to know the right career path for you – Freebie!

Chief Executive Officer, Career Paths

Our Premium Services

If you plan on living and getting a degree from a university overseas, you must want, after having a degree, to have a rewarding career as well, Right?

Unfortunately, most of the students fail to do so. The reason is very simple – ignorance about choosing program, institution, and country. Though simple reason it is not as simple as it sounds. The selection of three different issues requires vast knowledge and skill on overseas education. If you do wrong in selecting any of the issues, be sure, you will suffer even if you can reach your dream country. We, at Career Paths, do the hard work but with ease, that’s been possible because of our previous experiences and skilled counselors.

More importantly, Career Paths considers you as ‘THE’ student rather than an ‘A’ student. That means it focuses on individuals’ competency and thus proceeds towards. The very first duty of our counselors is screening your education and employment history so that they can come up with a must-suitable plan for you. We appreciate your potentials and thus enjoy playing the right-path-selection-role to take you to the place you were dreaming of once.

You might see many talents suffer from frustration and finally end up with not-possible-attitude. Such attitude develops just because of not knowing exactly- What To Do and How To Do- the most puzzling question in the digital age. We are happy to announce that we have been answering successfully such questions over the past 10 years and able to assist students in achieving their goals.

We know, maybe you too, not all the first world countries are good for every student. Some countries might good only for education and some for living only. But you might want both enjoying life and building a career after having the degree.
Yes, our counseling division could release you from every tension and promise to help you find a country where you can enjoy living and learning to boost your career.

We are happy to assist our in-house students who need assistance to develop their English language. In many cases, fluency in English speaking during interviews at Embassy/High Commission determines the possibility of getting a visa. So, you as our student do not need to go outside for such help. On the other hand, many students cannot qualify themselves as a valid applicant because of a standard IELTS score.

In such cases, we considered you as our own students to offer private tuition on demand for IELTS and help to secure the required score in a short time.

Remember, a standard IELTS score opens the doors of opportunity and faster the admission process in many cases. Our experts in the English language and high score holders ensure quality service to our students. Please note, we usually do not offer IELTS courses for outsiders.

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We are proud to announce that we have been delegated and trusted partners with plenty of universities from more than 12 countries.

Therefore, on one side you have more options to choose from as your expectation and background and you can expect a transparent admission process quickly on another side. Please note, many countries examine the quality of university or college before issuing the visa. So, before choosing a university or college you should be careful.

However, you can be relaxed at Career Paths since our partner universities possess a breakthrough record at the local and international level.

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Achieving a degree with a scholarship is a dream for many. But just because of not knowing the right path to apply and secure a scholarship, many talents leave their last hope to get a foreign degree. Let’s your dream grow!

Yes, Career Paths happily announces that it can inform and help you to get scholarships. It’s been possible because of our trusted-partnership with the hundreds of institutions worldwide.

Getting a scholarship means you are released from financial burden. A scholarship will also inspire you to concentrate more on your education. Many institutions we work with offer scholarships to talents to continue their education.

Please note, scholarships are not possible to secure for every student. If your outstanding result in the related background fits with the university requirements, we then apply to the university. Career Paths even can discuss with institutions about scholarships for our students since it is the trusted-partner of those institutions in Bangladesh.

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This is the most critical part of the student visa process since in this process we submit your file to Embassy. No mistake is allowed in getting a visa. Therefore, we assure a double cross-check of each file before final submission to the Embassy. Our one decade of experience in file documentation has made us highly competitive and thus we know exactly what and how to check every single document to secure your visa. Please note, we do not engage in any malpractice regarding visa assistance.

However, we are well-informed about the latest information on migration rules and well-connected with Embassy employees to know about the last-minute rules. We believe because of getting up-to-the-minute rules, in many cases, we could tell your chances in getting a visa before the Embassy does. And therefore, we do not make our final submission if we visibly understand the higher chances of refusal.

We understand the loss of money, energy, and time and overall the mental situation of a student refused with the negative decision.

Therefore, we always extract the files in which we can apply our visa assistance competency that can end up with a positive decision and your smiling face!

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After securing your admission and visa, you fly to your dream destination, and thinking our service ended up may thank us for finally. However, we do not stop our service till your flight. Rather it continues, while you are staying abroad until you understand the foundation about how to proceed in order to adapt to a new culture and start to build your dream career subsequently.

We connect with our students mainly over E-mail and respond to their queries with helpful information and contacts. Though it’s your choice to have such a service, we always encourage you to Be In Touch! Be Informed! Surely it will help YOU to expand your contact list and support you while you are miles away from Home.

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