IELTS/ English Language Development

Career Paths is one of the best Student Consultancy Firms where it provides IELTS/English Language Development courses to their in-house students who need some development in the English Language. In some cases, fluently speaking in English during an interview at Embassy matters a lot because it can enhance the possibility of getting a student visa.

However, there are some students those are unable to qualify as valid applicants due to achieving less scores in the IELTS course. Although it is quite painful you do not need to worry because, in such cases, we offer private tuition for the English Language test to our in-house students so that our students can achieve high scores in the IELTS course. Always remember that a standard IELTS score can open the doors of opportunity along with can faster the visa and admission procedure of your selected international university.

Please note that we usually do not offer IELTS courses for outsiders.