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Career benefits of studying abroad outweigh the cost of studying abroad to a far greater extent, due to access to various opportunities abroad compared to your home countries. The advantages of studying abroad clearly surpass the advantages of staying in your home countries with poor social and economic status. This is because the standard of education in European countries and the USA is within the top education systems in the world. Let’s see why should you study abroad and how studying abroad can be beneficial for you.

1. Build A Global Network

As an international student, you will not make lifelong friends but also set up a global network with a large number of peers from different countries. Every year millions of people from different countries go abroad to take higher education. Studying abroad will provide you the opportunity to make a wide range of friends without regard to race, ethnicity, social status, skin tone, gender, and so on. You might befriend professionals from world-renowned organizations such as IMF, ADB, World Bank, and United Nations while studying MBA at top-notch universities abroad. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to build up a network with a large number of individuals around the world.

2. Expanding Knowledge

When you are living in the home country, you might get deprived of the opportunity of expanding your horizon of knowledge due to the poor education system prevailing in your country, which requires you to memorize in order to throw up in the exams. However, if you have taken the decision to study abroad then it is worthwhile. This is because; most of the first-world countries’ education system is based on creativity and problem-solving strategies. As a result, this opportunity for students to exhibit creativity in each course of their higher studies enhances their intellectual ability since it requires them to use the brain keenly. This, in turn, works to increase the knowledge of individuals from every corner of their cerebral, while helps them to distinguish themselves from other graduates in the eyes of employers.

3. Enhancing Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be one major part of any individual, while they are going abroad for pursuing their higher studies. This is because; this acts as a weapon in order to excel in their career life. So, if you are planning to go abroad then this will for sure increase your self-confidence as the teaching system in the first-world countries are quite different, compared to old-fashioned teaching systems in the underdeveloped and developing countries. This is because; the teaching system abroad forces you to be creative, which in turn makes you more self-confident by getting the scope to think and execute any plan yourself, apart from the help of faculty members. You might also find yourself diving in the sea if you lack enough self-confidence to think creatively. As a result, the benefit of studying abroad is not at all possible to get, if you are still living in your homeland.

4. Learning Foreign Language

While living in your homeland, you get the opportunity to learn your mother language, whether it can be Bengali, Mandarin, French, Telegu, Tamil, Hindi, and many more depending on the country. You hardly get to learn the second language: English, if you are studying at the national institutions of your country, which uses a country’s first language to teach students. Although, we all know that English is a widely accepted language as a medium of instruction in any country of the whole world. However, we do not have sound knowledge about the English language and grammar, which makes us uncompetitive to pursue higher education abroad in English. This massive weakness over the second language of international students makes them fall behind other international graduates, in the global job market. Eventually, after going abroad, we get the opportunity to learn English while communicating with other international students in English, which improves their command over both language and grammar and hence becomes competitive for the global job market.

5. Improving Career Prospects

A degree from abroad will definitely outweigh the benefits of your homeland degree. This is because; employers from different international and national agencies give more priority to international degree graduates compared to national graduates, due to their outstanding problem-solving and communication skills. These skills get inherited into them when they get the opportunity to think independently in their course works and hence see the implementations of their plans, in the economy. Moreover, any abroad university prepares you well to be a multi-tasking graduate in your student life, which is highly sought by most employers nowadays. So, an international degree opens your doors to a wide number of opportunities, since most of the abroad universities are always affiliated with a broad range of renowned multinational and national companies. As a result, your chance of securing a job in the competitive global market increases tremendously.

6. Developing Intercultural Skills

If you have planned to study abroad then in one way or another, you are bound to take various intercultural skills starting from intercultural communication, experience working overseas, and demonstration of cultural sensitivity in the interview. This is because; while studying with international students from Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian, Muslim, and many more religions, you would make friendships with them. Hence, develop the sense to respect their religions without any discrimination, when you will watch that they are equally respecting your religion too. Moreover, you would also develop to mix with their various cultures and communicate accordingly without hurting their cultural sentiments, adopted from their religions. Additionally, in this way, you would get adopted to work across cross-cultural environments without any discrimination, since you would definitely take up a job, in the international market after completing your foreign degree. As a result, an international degree from abroad will prepare you to work across cultures to gain more importance from employers and a hence higher salary.

7. Becoming Independent

While studying abroad, you might definitely not get the chance to depend on your family members or friends, in order to help you in doing assignments or make you understand certain concepts, which you could not understand in class as you missed several classes. This is because; abroad studies are basically based on assignments, where you have to study the concepts written in the book and then use those concepts to do the assignments creatively. Although, that would be group work each member is required to think independently in order to pose their ideas, for presenting in front of the faculty and class too. Moreover, if by any chance you miss more than 50% of the class, then that course will automatically drop from your advising sheet. Therefore, you would have to lose time in repeating the same course at a later semester.

8. Making Life-long Friends

In this era of jealousy, it is quite hard to make real friends, who are not seeking any benefits from you. Most of the friends we met in our colleges and universities became friends due to their own needs and hence these friendships did not survive longer. However, if you go abroad for your higher studies, you would definitely make long-lasting friendships. Since, international students from all parts of the world get the opportunity to congregate in the universities, while studying for your courses. As; people coming from first-world countries tend to be very true and honest in nature, unlike Asians who are the most dishonest people across the globe. These white people will not become your friends, for seeking benefits from you. Rather, they would try their level best to maintain an unconditional friendship with you forever. Even, after ages, if you call them, they would recognize you for sure. For instance; if one among them, becomes an IMF Country Manager, then he or she would try his level best to get you job in his organization without any monetary incentive.

9. Becoming Positive-Thinker

When you are residing in your home country, you might face thousands of negativities from relations, friends, and neighbors regarding life matters. This is because; Asians mostly focus more on others’ lives compared to their lives. For this sole reason, they tend to get less career success compared to graduates of first-world countries. So, if you choose to go abroad for your higher studies, you would definitely get the opportunity to get relieved from all the negative thoughts of life. Rather, after making friendships with students from various first-world countries, you would tend to learn how to think positively. Because these are the white people who are experts at problem-solving since they practice always bring out the positive sides from any negative matters from childhood. After studying with them for years, you would quickly learn to be a positive thinker, in order to see good in bad issues and hence many problems of the society.

10. Becoming Global Citizen

When you plan to go abroad for your higher studies, at the back of your mind there is always a plan to settle abroad. When you try to develop your career by obtaining a foreign degree, you are required to stay for a minimum of 2 years up to a maximum of 5 years in that particular country. As a result, while building a career life, you are simultaneously getting the scope to be a permanent global citizen of any first-world country. Since, as per immigration rules of 2019, if you legally stay in a country for 5 years after finishing your higher studies here, then you would definitely be able to lodge a file for becoming a permanent resident of any developed country in the whole world. Hence, no international students would be willing to miss such amazing opportunities, if they have the ability to study abroad.

Therefore, if you have planned to study abroad in any subject, do not uphold this decision for a long time. Rather, go to study abroad as early as possible, otherwise, as time passes by, it would incur a huge opportunity cost on you.

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