Pre and Post Departure Service for Aspiring Bangladeshi Students to Study Abroad

We are recognized overseas education consultants of world-renowned universities in the UK, USA, Sweden, Canada, Malaysia, and so on. So if you are an aspiring student who wishes to study abroad, you should rely on Career Paths. A large number of Bangladeshi students have been taking higher studies in major study abroad destinations for decades.

When deciding to study abroad, students should weigh the pros and cons carefully. It can be an incredibly enriching experience, providing you with an opportunity to learn about new cultures and explore new places. However, there are so many things you need to make your study abroad journey come true.

We have a team of talented, enthusiastic, and professional counselors, who will assist and guide you throughout the process. In fact, we care for and guide our students in every step, from getting admission to their preferred universities to flying to their dream countries.

How Career Paths Help You?

Basically, we support our students throughout the process. Let’s see what you will get from us…

    Pre-departure Services or Guidance

    Here is the support you will get from up before your departure…

    Student Assessment

    This is the first and foremost step of collaborating with students. First, we hear from our students about which country they want to apply for, and what their qualifications are. Then we provide a better solution based on their context, evaluating academic profiles, English language proficiency test results, budget, and so on.

    So if you are not sure which country, university, or course is the most suitable for you, visit our office and share your details. Our counselors will guide you to choose the right destination, university as well as course, depending on your profile and budget.

    Helping to get admission

    Once you have chosen your country, university, and course, it’s time to get admission. Applying to a university may seem easy! But it’s more than filling out a form to the university portal. The application process consists of several things such as preparing essential documents, writing an SOP (Statement of Purpose), and so on. However, not to worry! We have a dedicated team who will help you to get admission to your preferred university.

    Bank Statement Guidance

    When it comes to applying for a student visa, each country has its own rule on Bank Statements (Showing the proof of funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses). We guide our students in this regard, providing accurate information. Most importantly, we can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. You will get help every step from us. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Visit us and make your dream come true.

    Assisting to Get Scholarships

    We always help our students in terms of getting scholarships if they meet the criteria. If you have an outstanding profile, of course, we will help you to secure at least a certain amount of scholarships. It can be 10% to 30% on your tuition fees or sometimes more, depending on your profile. Recently one of our proud students, Sabrina Sharmin got the “Great Scholarship” (Which is worth £10000) along with an additional £2000 scholarship on tuition fees. So you can certainly rely on us.

    Applying for Medical Test

    A student needs to sit for certain medical tests, and it varies from country to country. For instance, TB Test is a must for the UK Student Visa. We will help you by booking an appointment and collecting the test report form.

    Applying for the Visa

    You know this is the most important step. In this step, we process visa applications with experienced visa experts, cross-checking everything several times. We submit the application after ensuring everything is okay. That’s why we are the most reliable education consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

    Booking an Air Ticket

    Assume you got the visa to study in your dream country. Wow! Congratulations. Now it’s time to book an air ticket to arrive at your dream destination. Sometimes, it’s really hard to book an air ticket. No matter if you need a business class or economic class ticket, we will help you to manage one, depending on your expectation.

    Post-departure Services or Guidance

    Here is the support you will get from us after your departure…

    Airport Pick-up

    As an international student, you may feel uncomfortable after arriving in a new place for the first time. No need to worry! So if you need support in this regard, we will back you up no matter wherever you are. We offer airport pick-up facilities for our students. In fact, Career Paths always makes sure its students feel comfortable.

    Finding Accommodation

    It’s really a bit challenging to find desirable accommodation as an international student. Apart from other facilities, we also help our students to find accommodation. So as long as you are connected to Career Paths, you can feel relaxed in every step of your study abroad journey.

    Helping to find part-time jobs

    Basically, it’s not a big deal at all to find a part-time job as an international student. However, in case you face any difficulties to find a job, we will support and guide you to land a job so you can cover your expenses.

    Final Words!

    Career Paths is always here to make your study abroad journey smoother, supporting and guiding you in every step. In fact, it’s our vision to help our Bangladeshi students in terms of studying abroad. That’s why you can rely on us to fulfill your dream.