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Are you in a dilemma of which is the best student consultancy firm in Uttara? If so, you are in a right place. Career Paths is one of the most experienced and trusted education agencies in Bangladesh.

Studying abroad is one of the most trending aspects among the aspiring students’ community in Uttara. Like other parts of Dhaka city, we have special attention, care, and guidance for the students from Uttara. In fact, we are available to provide guidance to students all over the country.

Since 2007, we have been in the education industry, fulfilling the study abroad dream of a large number of students. Recently, many students from Uttara got student visas through us.

Why Career Paths is the best consultancy firm in Uttara?

Career paths is the best consultancy firm because it offers care, guidance, and support to students throughout their journey of study abroad. We have very experienced and dedicated teams to complete all your admission and visa processes smoothly and effectively.

The team at Career paths has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and they are passionate about helping students to study in their dream countries. We offer a free initial consultation, during which we will assess your academic profile, skills, and interests, and match you with the ideal study abroad destinations.

By maintaining 100% success rates, we are the best education consultant. We make sure proper support and guidance at every step of the journey. Applying the best practices in admission and visa processing, we are the most reliable study abroad consultancy firm.

Are You Tensed For Your English Weakness?

There are a variety of students out there who have the passion and desire to study abroad. But they are worried about their weakness in English. Are you someone among them? No need to worry at all. We will help you to improve your English so you can get admission and a visa as well to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and many more.

Are You Concerned about the Study Gap?

If you have quality and dedication, the study gap is not a barrier at all in the path of your study abroad journey. You can go overseas to study even with the many years of study gap, justifying the reason for your study break. Of course, you will get admission and a student visa if you can show valid reasons. Most importantly, our expert counselor will guide you with the best solution, depending on your circumstances.

Our Services

Career Paths offers complete Pre & Post Departure Services including but not limited to the following:

Apart from that, you can get any type of help from us related to studying abroad.

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    Dream Countries

    Our Previous Success stories

    Since 2007, Career Paths has been creating so many success stories of Bangladeshi students who have made their dream come true with us.

    Doctor Sumayea got the UK Student Visa
    Study in Sweden from Bangladesh with Family | Lund University | Career Paths
    Dhaka University (DU) to University College London (UCL)!!!


    What is the top student consultancy firm in Uttara?
    Indeed, Career Paths is the most reliable student consultancy firm for Uttara and its nearest locations.

    What does a student consultancy do?
    As a top study abroad agency, Career Paths supports and guides students in every step of the journey of studying abroad.

    How can you find Career Paths?
    If you have searched the term, “study abroad near me in Uttara”, you will find us. Or you can directly find us here.

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