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You have to face at least one interview (two interviews for some students) throughout the journey of study in the UK. The first interview you need to face is called the Pre CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) Interview, which is taken by the admission authority of the university. It is essential to pass the pre cas interview successfully to get admission to a college or university in the UK.

The credibility interview, also known as the visa interview is another important interview, which is conducted by the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration). In recent times, most Bangladeshi students are getting UK student visas without visa interviews. But some students need to face the visa interview through Zoom, Skype, or face to face.

In this guide, we’ve covered the possible UK visa interview questions and answers (Both pre cas interview and credibility interview or visa interview). You will get here enough ideas to prepare for your interviews.

    Interview for Admission in the UK Universities and Colleges

    Here is the essential information of the interview for admission below.

    What is a Pre Cas Interview?

    To study in the UK, students need to apply for CAS (Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies) for admission. Thus, they have to sit for an interview to qualify for CAS, and this interview is known as Pre CAS Interview. The admission department of the university conducts this interview electronically. Usually, it will take around 30 minutes.

    Sample Questions and Answers for a Pre Cas Interview

    Why do you choose to study in the UK?
    Offering high-quality education at world-class universities, the UK is one of the most preferred study destinations among international students around the world. Thanks to the vibrant and multi-cultural society, the UK is international students friendly destination. Apart from that, UK degrees are renowned around the world. This is just a sample answer. You can prepare an impressive one by yourself.

    Why did you choose this university and course?
    Tell the interviewer clearly and concisely why you have chosen that university and course. Do some research on the university and course before sitting for the interview.

    Do you intend to work in the UK
    I know the rules that an international student can work 20 hours per week only. Actually, I’ll mostly focus on my studies. If I get some extra time besides my studies, then I can work, maintaining the rules.

    What is your current occupation?
    Tell the truth about your profession. If you don’t do anything, then simply tell them that you are a student only.

    How do your studies fit into your career plans?
    If you have any specific career plans, explain them in a sort, and specify how your studies will help you to reach the career goal.

    Tips on How to Pass Pre Cas Interview

    • Keep yourself confident throughout the interview.
    • Provide precise, accurate, and honest answers.
    • Answer fluently with proper English.
    • If you don’t understand any question, ask the interviewer politely to repeat the question. For example, you can say “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Would you mind repeating the question, please?”
    • Support your answers with proper facts and figures.
    • Let the interviewer understand that you have done enough research on the university, course, and the entire process of the study in the UK.

    UK Visa Interview or UKVI Credibility Interview: Things You Need to Know

    What is a Credibility Interview?

    The UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) conducts the visa interview (credibility interview) to make sure that the genuine students are granted UK Student Visa only. A credibility interview is one of the most important parts of the process of study in the UK. can be described as one of the most eminent parts of your visa application process.

    During the Visa interview, the responsible person will ask about all the essential information related to studying in the UK; i.e your intention, interest, financial capabilities, career plan, and so on.

    What Does a Credibility Interview Cover?

    Your visa application form and Visa interview for the UK help assess if you are a genuine student or not. Here is the checklist below based on which the interviewer will ask you questions.

    • Education background
    • Family background
    • Financial strength
    • Career plan (both short term and long term)
    • The immigration history of the student in the UK and other countries
    • Reasons for choosing a UK university as well as the course.

    Who conducts the visa Interview and how it is conducted?

    The UK visa interview either can be conducted face to face or electronically. Sometimes, you can even get a visa without an interview. And the visa interview will be conducted by a staff member of UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration).

    Sample UK Visa Interview Questions and Answers

    Here are the frequently asked questions about the UK student visa interview below. Prepare the answer depending on your own context. Keep yourself confident throughout the interview session to get admission and the visa as well.

    UK Visa Interview Questions about the UK

    Why do you wish to study in the UK and not in the USA or your country?
    What if you get a UK degree here, would you like to go to the UK again for higher studies?
    Why did you select the UK for high Education?
    Isn’t this course offered by any University or college in UK/ India/ Australia/ Canada?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about the university and college

    How many Universities did you apply to?
    Which universities did you apply to?
    Which universities accepted you?
    Why did you choose this university and how did you find it?
    Can you mention the names of some Professors?
    Did you receive any scholarships?
    Where is your university campus located in the UK?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about your courses

    What course are you going for?
    Why did you select this course?
    Is it relevant to your previous studies?
    What is the course structure and content?
    Why don’t you do this course in your country?
    How long will studies last?
    What is the course commencement date?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about English language proficiency test

    Have you taken any English Tests?
    Can you show me your IELTS/ TOFEL/PTE?
    Your scores are low, Why?
    Are you going for a Pre-Sessional English course? (for students going on pre seasonal English or those who are at B1 level)
    What is the duration of your Pre-Sessional English course?
    How much will you need to pay for a pre-sessional course?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about your family

    What does your father do?
    How many siblings do you have?
    What is the annual income of your family?
    Do you have a brother/sister, or any other relative already at this university or in the UK?
    Are you married?
    If yes, for how long have you been married?
    Where is your spouse?
    Will your spouse accompany you?
    Your spouse profile/ profession/ qualifications/ background?
    Has your spouse been to the UK ? If yes, when and for how long?
    Why have you decided to go to the UK after marriage?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about sponsor and financial details

    What is your tuition fee?
    How much have you paid?
    Who is sponsoring you?
    How much money is available to cover your tuition fees and living expenses in the UK?
    What are the sources of income of your sponsor?
    What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies?
    How many people are dependent on your sponsor?
    Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about career prospects

    What’s your career goal?
    Do you intend to work in the UK during or after the completion of your studies?
    How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?
    What will you do after coming back home?

    UK Visa Interview Questions about relatives in the UK

    Do you have any relatives in the UK?
    Do you know anyone in the UK at your University?

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