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MBA is the commonly used abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. One might think that only Business graduates are viable to attain this degree and profit from it, but that is the jester’s way of thinking. Anyone with an undergraduate degree can enroll in an MBA program and gain its many benefits. The knowledge students acquire from this program help them to elevate their career, change the line of work or even start up their own corporation.

Why Finland for MBA?

The beautiful Nordic country of Finland offers its residents breathtaking natural reserves, fantastic welfare benefits, great leisure opportunities, abundant employment possibilities and top-notch quality of education. Finland houses some prestigious business schools and universities. The universities are sovereign study bodies and supported by the Ministry of Education. They offer up-to-date curriculum, ready to meet the standards of societal and industrial needs. Studying here will elevate your portfolio status and help you to stand out among the competitors in the workforce.

Top Schools in Finland for MBA

Here are some of the top institutions offering Master of Business Administration.

LAB University of Applied Sciences

LAB University of Applied Sciences offers this well-designed degree, where a personalized learning path to suit the candidate’s skills is organized systematically. Their program is fully recognized and accredited by the Finnish Board of Education and the European Qualifications Framework, effectuating the requirements of international sectors. This is also done hand in hand with participation in international seminars and projects. Their research focus is concentrated on the innovation of the business and industry sectors. Candidates of the program can promptly apply their newly gained knowledge in the workplace and capitalize on this advantage either in their current or future profession.

Program: Master of Business Administration (International Business Management)
Location: Lahti, Lappeenranta
Duration: 1.5 years
Tuition Fee: ~ 9000 Euro/year (8,70,000 Taka)

LUT University

The Lappeenranta University of Technology School of Business and Management has been accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), an internationally celebrated audit in education. The university focuses its prospectus on sustainable values- economically, ecologically, and socially. The program educates about advanced knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship in a universal background. Their syllabus matures a sustainable, entrepreneurial, analytical, and global mindset among their students. MBA graduates from LUT have a high employment rate of 96%, ensuring success for all their alums.

Program: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Location: Lappeenranta
Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: ~ 13,500 Euro/year (13,10,000 Taka)

HELBUS – Helsinki School of Business

The MBA program offered by HELBUS is a UK degree, awarded by the University of Northampton. This course follows all regulations in compliance with the policies of the United Kingdom educational authority. Their curriculum covers all internationally focused leadership areas, analytical skills, and strategic thinking on a global scale. The fast-paced modules allow room for flexibility in the study, without losing effectiveness. The degree is ranked high in terms of both affordability and quality.

Program: Master of Business Administration
Location: Helsinki
Duration: 1 year
Tuition Fee: ~ 15,300 Euro/year (15,00,000 Taka)

Aalto University

The School of Business of Alto University is one of the brightest business schools in all of Europe. Their faculty comprises world-class leaders and researchers sharing their passion and knowledge in the study halls with the sophomores. Although the university steers off on offering the traditional MBA program to their applicants, this proficient program combines attainable skills in technology, leadership, and business, converting their students into potent leaders of the digital and sustainable. The course will enable students to comprehend concepts of business and predictive analytics, data science for data-driven businesses, and business intelligence. The school also provides opportunities to be employed in international businesses.

Program: Master’s Programme in Business Analytics
Location: Espoo
Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: ~ 15,000 Euro/year (14,50,000 Taka)

Hanken School of Economics

Hanken School of Economics is one of the leading business schools in Finland with more than 110 years of experience in education and research. They are the holder of 3 of the most respected international accreditations for business schools: AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. Only a minor fraction of business schools worldwide, hold this status. This degree offers you options to choose your field of specialties such as Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, and many more. Hanken also has a QTEM Certificate option where the candidate can spend a semester abroad at another QTEM partner university, allowing one to gain quantitative techniques, experiences, and skills from 2 different prestigious business institutes, and the internship opportunity built into the program gives you a chance to apply all these knowledge.

Program: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Location: Helsinki or Vaasa
Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: ~ 12,500 Euro/year (12,10,000 Taka)

Career Prospects for MBA Graduates in Finland

When attending the MBA programme, the student can choose from a variety of specialization options. This helps to broaden the perspective of professions for the individual and create external work opportunities. Not only this, networking possibilities constantly keep presenting itself in the duration of the program. This can be very beneficial for individuals as they gain access to the wider alumni network of the university.

Conferring an MBA degree will guarantee you a pay rise in comparison to your prior salary. It is estimated that in Finland, the average salary for an MBA graduate is ~ 80,000 USD/year. A high percentage of graduates move on to start their own businesses and carry it to be successful. The remaining work in high positions in reputable firms of Finland. International MBAs can really boost one’s profile and help them flourish in business opportunities.

FAQs on Best Universities in Finland for MBA

Here are some of the FAQs on the best universities for MBA in Finland below.

1. Which are the best universities in Finland for MBA?
The Aalto University School of Business, the University of Vaasa, and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) are considered some of the best universities in Finland for pursuing an MBA degree. Admission to these schools is highly competitive, and students typically need to have strong academic records and professional experience to be accepted.

2. What are the requirements for admission to MBA programs at Finnish universities?
To be eligible for admission to an MBA program at a Finnish university, you typically need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, strong academic grades, and several years of professional work experience along with an English Language Proficiency Test. Some schools may also require that you take additional entrance exams, such as the GMAT or GRE.

3. How long does it take to complete an MBA in Finland?
Most MBA programs in Finland take two years to complete, though there are some accelerated programs that can be completed in as little as one year. Part-time programs may also be available at some schools.

4. What is the cost of pursuing an MBA in Finland?
The cost of pursuing an MBA in Finland will vary depending on the school you choose and whether you study full-time or part-time. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from €10,000 to €18,000 per year for the program.

5. What are the career prospects after completing an MBA in Finland?
Graduates of MBA programs in Finland often go on to work in senior management positions in a variety of industries. Many also go on to start their own businesses. There is a growing demand for MBAs in Finland, especially among international students.

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