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Why UK is the best country for higher Studies?

First of all, The UK is the home for world top class institutions & universities that offer a variety of courses in all kinds of fields.Students have a lot of options to choose their dream subject which help them to reach their dream career path.

The UK has created a friendly environment for us by providing various kinds of scholarships in this regard.Most of the students around the world choose the UK as their study destination. Many students from all over the world are already studying there. So, when you reach there, you will get a chance to explore the multicultural environment and you can freely practice your religion without any problem. If we compare with other nations, It is very easier to get student visa of United Kingdom. So, considering all the above factors together UK is the best in all respects.

  • Cost-effective tuition
  • Scholarship possibilities
  • Visa and entrance procedures are simple
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Shorter course duration
  • After graduation, there are several work prospects available.
  • Religious Freedom
  • There are numerous citizen facilities.
  • Permit to work while studying

Types of courses and programs available-

All kinds of programs and subjects of students’ choice are available at colleges and universities in the UK. Below is the list of popular programs and subjects –

Computer Science: The age of technology has arrived. Computer science is a field that affects every piece of technology we use every day. Every field, including communication, the health sector, and scientific research, is impacted by computer science and IT. As a result, the discipline of computer science, which has a great reputation in today’s society and has a lot of employment chances.
Average Tuition Fees: 22K to 38K

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: The field of electrical and electronic engineering is well-known and in great demand worldwide. We will be able to implement our ideas or plans after completing this program, or we may even be able to build something entirely new. Although there are many chances and good earnings available worldwide, UK universities do not charge excessive tuition fees to international students for this degree.
Average Tuition Fees: 11.8K to 32.5K

Civil Engineering: Construction-related civil engineering Construction of structures intended for industrial, commercial, and military usage, such as train stations, hospitals, colleges and universities, and residential and office buildings. Not just in the UK, but all throughout the world, there is a significant job need for this program.
Average Tuition Fees: 26K to 44K

Business Administration: Business administration is the management and oversight of daily operations as well as long-term choices and actions by a business, firm, or organization. Students who have degrees in business administration will therefore be in high demand in the workforce. because a business administrator is a must for every firm.
Average Tuition Fees: 22K to 32K

International Business: The primary areas of study in this degree include accounting, finance, marketing, and healthcare. After graduation, there are numerous work prospects available. Tuition for this degree is reasonably priced at UK educational institutions.
Average Tuition Fees: 27.5K to 30.5K

Economics: We are a part of an economy. Every aspect of our daily actions involves economics. This program helps by understanding market dynamics, market trends, and future implications and also can assist people, nations, and all countries make the best judgments possible in the future. The best universities for this degree are located in the UK.
Average Tuition Fees: 16K to 30K

International Relationship: Students can learn about society, people, globalization, and transnational markets as well as decision-making, analytical, and interpersonal skills through this program. In both the public and private sectors, there is a significant job need for all of these positions. In recent years, UK universities have excelled in this program.
Average Tuition Fees: 14K to 67K

Scholarships and Financial Aid Available -

As mentioned above, studying abroad is an expensive affair. The UK government and universities provide a variety of scholarships and funding opportunities that help students study their preferred subjects and pay living expenses & tuition fees & other utility bills during their studies. Below is a list of some of the popular scholarships in the UK with descriptions

Commonwealth Masters’ Scholarships -
Funded by (FCDC), Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships enable talented and motivated individuals to gain the knowledge and skills required for sustainable development, and are aimed at those who could not otherwise afford to study in the UK. Full fees are covered by agreement between the CSC and the UK university, and scholars are not liable to pay for any part of the tuition fee. Stipend (living allowance) at the rate of £1,236 per month, or £1,516 per month for those at universities in the London metropolitan area (rates quoted at current levels).

Transform Together Scholarships -
Transform Together scholarships are open to international students and European Union (non-UK) students applying to a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught course at Sheffield Hallam University in the 2022/23 academic year. A half fee waiver (50% discount) is available for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses for the first year of study.

British Chevening Scholarships for International Students
Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship program, funded by (FCO) and partner organizations. The programme offers awards to outstanding scholars with leadership potential from around the world to study for a master’s degree in any subject at any UK university. Around 1,500 scholarships globally will be offered.

Rhodes Global Scholarships -
Rhodes Global Scholarship is looking for outstanding young leaders who are motivated to engage with global challenges and to promote international understanding and peace.A Rhodes Scholarship covers all University and College fees, a living stipend (£17,310 per annum 2021-22); settling in allowance, health insurance, visa, two economy class flights – to and from the UK – for the beginning and end of studies in Oxford.

The Cost of Tuition and Living Expenses

The United Kingdom is a developed nation with a vibrant culture, as we are all aware. Living there is quite convenient and comfortable when compared to earning. For both international and Bangladeshi students, all of the universities are quite reasonable. Working full- or part-time jobs in the UK will help international students pay their tuition fees and living expenses. Below are the estimated costs of popular cities and universities:

Popular Universities tuition Fee: For foreign students, most universities offer fairly reliable tuition rates. Below is a data chart showing tuition costs for top UK universities

Popular Cities living cost: Students are permitted to work during the study term, which is quite advantageous for them to manage all types of expenses,
including lodging, travel, food, and others. The following table lists the approximate cost of living in some well-known cities:

City Name Accommodation Travel Food Others
London 400 - 500 90 200 100
Manchester 350 - 500 94 180 100
Edinburgh 300 - 500 70 150 100
Bristol 300 - 450 70 120 95
Liverpool 400 - 500 80 100 80
Brimingham 300-400 64 120 90
Southampton 300 - 450 95 100 80

Why Career Paths?

Studying abroad is a wise choice, but the process itself is lengthy and difficult for students. Career Paths is therefore always ready to help you. Career Paths will work with you at every stage of the procedure, including picking an institution that meets your requirements and handling your visa application.

How Will Career Paths Help You?

Student Assessment-
It is challenging and time-consuming to learn everything there is to know about a certain institution. Since we are an authorized partner of this University, we may consult by providing all the necessary information and assist with the subsequent process.

Check Requirements-
Students frequently feel anxious about being ineligible for programs and courses. They spend an excessive amount of time looking for information. However, if you come to us for advice, we will help you get accepted into the program of your choosing once you've revealed all the pertinent details, including your academic background, English proficiency score, and other characteristics.

English Proficiency Training-
Many students want to attend higher education abroad, but they don't have the necessary English language skills. Many intelligent students also decide not to take the English Proficiency Exam because of lack of confidence. We provide a range of English proficiency training (like: IELTS, ELLT, University Internal Exam, and Visa Interview) programmes for these types of students. We appropriately prepare the students for the main exam and give them a test that is equivalent to it in order to give them the confidence they need to perform well on it.

Apply & Get Offer Letter-
Based on your existing experience, we will recommend the courses and programs that are appropriate for you. Then, we'll help you apply for certain subjects. Receiving an offer letter is almost expected given that we are an authorized partner of this institute. There's also a chance to win one of the scholarships offered by the program.

Collect All The Documents
After receiving the offer letter from the institution, the majority of students are cautious to adequately prepare all of the documentation. On whether the paperwork is accurate or not, they cannot determine. If you follow our advice, we'll organize all the paperwork and help you through the rest of the process.

Apply For the Visa
Following the processing of all documents, the visa application can now be submitted. However, you must go through a medical exam first, and then after filing a visa application, you must attend an embassy interview. We will also give you the instructions you need as part of this.

Post Departure Service
Every student worries about booking a trip and a place to stay after receiving their visas. We also assist pupils in this way. We consider the financial circumstances of the students while making travel and lodging arrangements. We also arranged a pickup for when they left the airport to get home.


Is tuition fee affordable for universities in the UK?

For overseas students, all UK universities have very reasonable tuition rates. In comparison to other developed nations, these universities charge relatively low tuition costs, and they also offer many scholarship opportunities, which makes studying in the UK appealing.

Why should I choose Study In Uk?

The UK is home to many diverse individuals from all over the world and has a long cultural identity. Low-cost degrees with a global reputation are available from UK universities. There are numerous scholarship options offered by the UK government and various organizations. The socioeconomic environment is quite prosperous, and the government offers several facilities for daily living. These are all justifications for studying in the UK.

Is the cost of living in the UK very high?

The cost of living in this nation is quite inexpensive when compared to other developed nations. Anyone can easily manage their living expenses and tuition fees by working either part-time or full-time, including overseas students.

Are there any scholarship opportunities to study in the UK?

International students can enroll in UK universities with affordable tuition rates and a variety of grant options. Various organizations from this country as well as the UK government also offer scholarship possibilities.

Final words

In terms of education, the UK enjoys a strong international reputation. The majority of UK educational institutions offer degrees that are accepted throughout the world at relatively reasonable tuition costs. The UK is the best choice for Bangladeshi students when all of these factors are properly considered, as opposed to all other developed nations.

The majority of UK universities recognize our collaboration with them. Therefore, if you adhere to all the recommendations made during our session, it is almost a given that you will be able to accomplish your goal.

Table of Content

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