Study in Hungary with Scholarship

Hungary is a little but beautiful and safe destination for international students. Each year, thousands of students come to earn their degree of which most of them never go back home because of getting permission to job and stay permanently after graduation. Hungary is generally called as the bridge to Europe since from here one can move around the EU countries easily. Do you know why a student should study in Hungary with a scholarship from Bangladesh? Read on, if you want to know how this beautiful country is attracting the growing number of international students –

Study in Hungary from Bangladesh
student visa in Hungary from bangladesh

High Quality Education

Hungarian education system delivers high quality education. In fact, it has a long history of delivering higher education since 1367 when it built the country’s first university in Pecs. Hungary is also well-recognized for its research and innovation. This is the place where the first ballpoint pen was invented. Moreover, Hungary is the home to the invention of Basic programming language, Holography, Hydrogen bomb, Kodak Super Six-20 Camera.

Variety Range of Study Options

International students have a wider opportunity to study in a variety of fields. Almost all the programs are taught in English and thus open to both local and international students. You can study for a bachelor’s, masters and PhD as well in different fields of study. However, it’s one of the best destinations to study the subjects of natural sciences, e.g., Medicine, Biology, Dentistry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Veterinary, Material Science, Physics and Astronomy.

Quite Low and Affordable Tuition Fees

Hungary is sometimes called as the best affordable-study-destination. This is the only European country from where you can earn your bachelor degree costing just 1000 Euros per academic year. The same is true for masters as well though you will have a European standard degree that is obviously acceptable in both the EU and the international job market.

Scholarship Opportunity

Though the tuition fees are quite cheap in Hungarian universities, it is still offering hundreds of scholarships to international students every year. Scholarships generally cover the total amount of tuition fees. However, in some cases depending on students’ academic achievements, scholarships cover monthly living expenses that include food, accommodation, clothes and transport.

Pretty Reasonable Cost of Living

In Hungary, you will lead a European standard of living though the cost of everything would make you feel relaxed. For Students on a tight budget, Hungary is the best study destination in Europe. Around 200 to 250 Euros could be a sufficient amount to meet all the monthly demands. With this amount, you could have best quality food, a room in a dormitory or share in an apartment, clothes and public transport as well.

Available Part-time Jobs

International students are free to work anywhere in Hungary during the study. There are even no time limits. That means you can work as many hours as you can afford. However, keep in mind that overwhelming work could intervene in your study and thus intervene in your student residence permit. Therefore, wise students always make the combination of work and study and later find wider opportunity to build an outstanding career with a European degree in Hungary and other countries in Europe. However, the earnings from the part-time job are more than enough to support your living expenses. Even, in some cases, it is possible to cover the lion portion of tuition fees.

study in Hungary from bangladesh without ielts

Enjoy Discounts using Your Student Identity card

International students enjoy discounts on a variety of daily necessary things. For example, you will enjoy a 50 percent discount on public transport. Discounts are also available for students in the activities like visiting historical places and museums, attending cultural events, travelling across Hungary. Overall, you will enjoy your living with student status everywhere in this friendly country.

Become Permanent Resident

Hungary offers a great opportunity to the people to live here permanently. Many International students take this opportunity since it is easier for them who have been graduated from Hungarian universities. After expiring study residence permit, graduates are granted for more than one year to secure jobs in Hungary. And after just one or two years continuing the job, one can apply for permanent residence permit in Hungary. However, you are granted for PR in Hungary means, the whole Europe is yours to move, study and work without further visa.

Explore Hungary

The natural beauties and historical places and castles of Hungary attract a large number of international tourists every year. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has spectacular castle for which it’s considered as the city ‘Paris of the East’. Besides that, Historic Spa Towns, Tihany-the most popular holiday resorts in Europe, Visegrad Royal Palace-on top of the hill are among many of the tourist spots.

Easy Visa Requirements

Getting student visa for Hungary is comparatively easier than other European countries. In most cases, students do not need to have IELTS/TOEFL. Rather, a perfect match with the previous academic background and good results are sufficient to secure university admission. And once the admission is confirmed and a few thousands of Euros is in applicants’ bank account, it is highly predicted that student will get residence permit card without any barriers. Keep in mind, Hungary is an EU Shenzhen country and thus with the Hungarian residence permit you are free to travel across 26 countries within the European union.

It will be really better decision to study in Hungary with scholarship from Bangladesh than your home country.