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Malaysian colleges are more affordable for studying MBBS than any private medical colleges in Bangladesh. When students do not get selected for the Government medical colleges of Bangladesh, it shatters the dreams of many aspiring students. Malaysian medical colleges can give these students a wide range of choices to lead them toward their dream profession. Here in this article, we will share a complete guide for studying MBBS in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students.

MBBS in Malaysia is a six years program; it is similar for both international and national students. The first five years of the program provide each student with academic courses. And the final year is for an internship at a renowned hospital. It depends on the university where the student has completed their five years of the academic course.

Why Study MBBS in Malaysia from Bangladesh?

Malaysia’s medical education has earned a high reputation around the world. Many Malaysian medical colleges rank within the top 500 in the world university ranking. Their medical curriculum includes both theoretical and practical guidelines for students to succeed in this profession.

Pursuing MBBS in Malaysia gives a promising career to Bangladeshi students because Malaysian medical colleges maintain a good standard of education in medicine. If you have doubts about choosing the best educational platforms for medical education know the following:

  • Malaysian medical colleges provide their guidance to students by choosing highly leveled professors.
  • With the merit status of a student, they can achieve many scholarships for completing their MBBS degree.
  • There is no need to learn the Malaysian language, as the courses will be taught completely in English.
  • After successfully completing MBBS in Malaysia, you can practice anywhere in the world as a doctor

The Malaysian higher education ministry stated that the number of international students has increased significantly over the past couple of years. It will mostly reach a peak of 2 lakhs in the upcoming years. Thus, this can give the overview that studying MBBS in Malaysia is going to be better for Bangladeshi students.

Entry Requirements to Study MBBS in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

The requirements for studying MBBS in Malaysia vary by university. Though some of the requirements are applied to all.

  • A minimum of 70% in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology is required.
  • Official transcripts of the 10th and 12th grades should be scanned and translated into English if they are in Bengali.
  • IELTS or TOFEL test results.
  • Candidates that are chosen will be required to attend a personal interview.
  • Medical fitness certification.
  • If the student is under the age of 18, a consent letter from his or her parents is required. The student is also required to take a maturity exam.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Recommendation Letters

Best Medical Colleges in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

  1. University of Malaya
  2. Taylor’s University
  3. Monash University Malaysia
  4. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and University College Dublin Malaysia
  5. SEGi University
  6. Universiti Sains Malaysia
  7. International Islamic University Malaysia
  8. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
  9. Curtin University Malaysia
  10. International Medical University

Scholarships in Malaysia for International Students

Malaysia is one of the study destinations for students at an affordable range. Because of its economical range for studying MBBS, Malaysia made it possible for many aspiring students to pursue their dream. Due to its affordable costs, the country does not offer scholarships to international students. They only offer scholarships to national students. Though there are few scholarships that some university offers for international students.
These are as tabulated below:

Name of the scholarship Amount Eligibility
Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) Air tickets, thesis allowance, books, and travel expenses included International candidates looking to study UG and PG program in Malaysia
Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship Approved tuition fees, annual grant for books, travel expenses, monthly maintenance allowance Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program Scholarships (MTCP) Air tickets, approved tuition fees, annual grant for books, travel expenses, monthly maintenance and allowance International students applying to PhD (36 months) or master’s program (12-24 months)
The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation-Sunway Group Scholarship Tuition fees, annual grant for books and additional allowances Overseas students studying health sciences and business courses in Malaysia

How Much Does It Cost to Study MBBS in Malaysia

The cost to study MBBS in Malaysia is much more affordable compared to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, and most other European countries. The fee for tuition, library, laboratory, placement, examination, and administration fees, as well as all other academic-related charges, are charged once each year. As Malaysia is a known country for Bangladeshi people, it gets easier for a student to mix with their culture.

The cost of tuition fees for MBBS programs varies from university to university. Apart from that, there are some additional costs such as food, accommodation, and so on. Though some universities provide options to the students about their living whether they want to live in hostels or they prefer managing their living. Some universities include the costs for hostels with yearly charges while some make it available for students to live up to their choices. Dorm fees vary at each university. Here are Though below you can get approximate costing rates of accommodations.

Utility Expenses
Stationary BDT 2000 per month
Food and Outings BDT 5000 per month
Transport BDT 3000 per month
Clothing BDT 3000 per month
Misc. BDT 4000 per month

How to Become a Doctor with Malaysian Degree?

The steps which are further required to become a doctor in Malaysia are as follows:

  1. if you have eligibility to apply to Malaysian Medical Colleges you need to get a medical degree by pursuing studies for 5 years.
  2. Complete the internship program which is known as housemanship. This will be assigned to you by the university from which you get your degree.
  3. After successfully completing your housemanship, you can register with MMC and become a fully registered medical officer.
  4. After the registration you will be required to do a 2 years service program at a clinic or a hospital that is under the ministry of health of Malaysia.

With a Malaysian degree, you can become a doctor all over the world, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and so on. If you want to practice in Bangladesh, you have to be registered at BMDC (Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council).

How much healthcare professional earns in Malaysia

A doctor or other healthcare professional’s annual salary in Malaysia ranges from nearly 68,200 to 186,000 MYR.

Other similar work profiles and their respective salaries for students after completing their MBBS in Malaysia are as follows:

Designation Salary (in MYR, per year)
Doctor 206,000
Physical Therapist 125,000
Dermatologist 238,000
Physician – Cardiology 285,000
Physiotherapist 149,000
Counseling Psychologist 196,000
Neurologist 233,000
Psychologist 204,000
Registered Respiratory Therapist 131,000
Forensic Pathologist 212,000
Naturopathic Physician 240,000
Interventionist 228,000
Physician – Generalist 167,000
Genetic Counselor 127,000
Mental Health Therapist 137,000
Occupational Health Safety Specialist 115,000

How Career Path Helps to Study MBBS in Malaysia

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Malaysia is undoubtedly a very student-friendly and cost-effective option for international students looking to study abroad. Being economical in Malaysia, made it possible for many aspiring children of Bangladesh to choose and live their dream professions. And to mention their MBBS program is a world-class curriculum that will allow a student to practice in any part of the world in the future.

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